Appellate practice dedicated exclusively to filing deportation appeals, motions to reopen, reconsider, remand and/or reissue before Immigration Judges or the Board of Immigration Appeals, and filing petitions for judicial review of deportation orders in all of the Federal Circuits of the United States. Although this website is designed mainly to assist immigration attorneys in their deportation defense practice, this website is also useful for noncitizens in deportation proceedings that are acting without attorneys as a source of valid information.


Appealworks® is a privately owned and registered service mark issued by the United States Patent Office (Reg. No. 3150753), now a division of the National Immigration Appellate Project, Inc. The Appealworks® website is a legitimate private business asset operated under an exclusive contractual operating lease with the Law Offices of Bernal Peter Ojeda (LOOBPO). As such, the LOOBPO is the sole and exclusive entity responsible for the quality and industry standard compliance of the appellate services that are rendered under its direct supervisory authority with the necessary legal knowledge, skills, thoroughness and preparation that is reasonably necessary for discharging its appellate service duties to its clients. Immigration Appealworks® clients may be for the most part independent lawyers seeking to contract appellate services for themselves on behalf of their clients or occasionally may be noncitizens without lawyers seeking to contract appellate services on their own behalf. Outsourcing. In the discharging of its contractual obligations to its clients LOOBPO may engage other lawyers or nonlawyers, as independent contractors, directly or through intermediaries, on a temporary or an ongoing basis, for the purpose of providing the legal and nonlegal support services to its clients. These outsourcing support services are tasked with a range of varying duties, owed to the Lessee LOOBPO, such as creating individual electronic or digital folders and files for both, represented or unrepresented noncitizen clients, reproducing, redacting and retaining documents, photocopying of said documents, creating and maintaining of a single database or merging of multiple databases for any internal management oriented goals, acquiring and maintaining third-party vendors’ computer software systems for purposes of providing and maintaining its accounting and other computer systems, acquiring and maintaining legal research software systems from third-party vendors to aid Lessee LOOBPO in conducting the necessary research for its appellate clients and cases, engaging foreign lawyers from time to time to draft documents pertaining to particular clients and to develop legal strategies if necessary and to secure documents in foreign states and nations. The main purpose of the Lessee LOOBPO’s outsourcing of these duties and others not expressly identified in this paragraph is to reduce costs directly associated with providing the appellate services offered at lower rates than if those services are provided by the LOOBPO’s own staff. All of the referenced outsourced duties and other infrastructure duties not expressly identified in this paragraph are ultimately the exclusive responsibility of the Lessee, the LOOBPO who renders all of these appellate services to its clients in full compliance with the necessary legal knowledge, skills, thoroughness, preparation and consistency that are necessary for completing the services contracted. 

Who We Are

Immigration AppealWorks® is a Division of the National Immigration Appellate Project, Inc., and a non-governmental private organization located amidst rolling hills in sunny Westlake Village, California. Our exclusive immigration appellate services consists of filing and prosecuting direct appeals and motions in all administrative proceedings, such as—direct appeals or motions before the Office of the Immigration Judge or before the Board of Immigration Appeals ("BIA"), the Legalization Appeals Unit ("LAU") or the Administrative Appeals Office ("AAO") without regard to the specific state in which the original proceedings were initiated. The reason for this is because all of the administrative appellate processes are filed in one central office for the entire United States and the appellate processes are completed in writing. Therefore, if you live in Alaska, Hawaii, or any of the 48 contiguous states, we may represent you in any of the appellate processes mentioned above or prepare the necessary filings in propia persona whether you are the noncitizen directly affected by an adverse decision of the immigration judge, or if you are an attorney seeking to obtain assistance with the filing and prosecuting of an appellate process or motion to reopen, reconsider, rescind or remand on behalf of your client.  

Our immigration appeals exclusive practice also extends to judicial proceedings. Namely, we will file and prosecute any Petition for Review of a "final order" of the BIA or of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency ("ICE") before the United States Court of Appeals in any of the federal circuits of the United States, in the same manner as shown in the preceding paragraph.  

Our services are limited exclusively to administrative and judicial Immigration "appellate" processes and performed under direct supervisory authority of the LOOBPO. Our attorney clients may contract our appellate services while remaining the attorney of record in their clients' individual cases, or by remaining as co-counsel on appeal, or otherwise. Self-represented noncitizens may contract our services either as authorized by recently amended regulations for Limited Legal Services pursuant to NWIRP, et al., v. Sessions, III, et al., 17-cv-00716-RAJ (W.D. Wash.) or by hiring LOOBPO as their appellate counsel. We do not offer representation of noncitizens in their "initial" proceedings and will do so only after a noncitizen has been ordered deported, excluded or removed from the United States by an Immigration Judge or the Board of Immigration Appeals, or has otherwise lost his or her case before any of these federal agencies. As noted throughout this website, our services are in particular designed to assist immigration attorneys in their appellate needs for their clients but we also offer similar services to noncitizens without attorney in their appellate needs.  

CAVEAT: Note that all direct appeals and most all motions have time restrictions that must be complied with before the noncitizen's appeal or motion can be filed and accepted. The agency issuing the order of "denial" is required to indicate the particular time restriction in which to seek administrative review.  

If you are the noncitizen who has been affected by an immigration judge's order of deportation, exclusion or removal, we will file and prosecute your appeal in the same manner as well. The process involved in completing our initial involvement and representation in most cases is uncomplicated. Once we have agreed to handle a case, we ask that you provide us with a copy of the immigration judge’s decision (or of the final order of the Board of Immigration Appeals in cases seeking judicial review). We will also want to conduct an interview (in most cases telephonically) with you (or, with your client if you are an immigration practitioner while your client is at your office or organization). Most all of the communications and signing of documents that may be required in the majority of the cases can be initially achieved via telephone, email and fax. Arrangements will then be made for collecting the original documents and the filing fees involved with the administrative or judicial appellate body as necessary. 

Our professional legal fees to prosecute your appeal are very reasonable and will only vary depending upon the number of issues involved in your case.  See our "schedule of fees" for details. Our contracts for these services are published in this website for transperancy so that you may review its contents in advance to determine if you desire to engage our services to assist you on your appeals.