We now offer you [through the PayPal services partner] up to six (6) months in which to pay any of our legal services fees without incurring any interest with PayPal "Bill Me Later"

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Our Original Most Popular Payment Forms Without Any Third Parties

Clients (or their friends or relatives with their consent) can pay the legal fees for an appeal process in several ways. For instance, the easiest and most popular method for tendering payment for the legal fees associated with any of the appeal levels described in the scheduled of fees page is by going to the closest "Bank of America" or "Chase" bank branch in your own neighborhood and making a deposit into one of our corporate bank accounts, which are made available to the contracting noncitizen at the time of the agreement.  It is the easiest method of payment because it requires no more than making a regular deposit into one's own bank account.  

The second most common method used to pay our appeal legal services is by a bank wire transfer. That is to say, a transfer that occurs from your bank account to our bank account in the various ways that these wire transfers are offered by your own bank services. You should know that most banks will charge a fee for transferring these wires from their bank to ours, or from your bank account to our bank account.    

Another method of payment is by utilizing your own credit or debit card through PayPal services which can be accessed throughout the pages in our website.  In order to use this PayPal services, PayPal charges us the equivalent of a small percentage (approximately 3%) of the total amount transferred and this cost will be required to be reimbursed by the user of these services. Thus, for example, if you decide to employ PayPal to make the payment associated with a Level A appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals, and the legal fee for that appeal Level A is $1,480, you will be required to send that amount, plus the 3% of the cost for that service as well. 

Another method of payment is by forwarding a check or other draft to our offices which will be credited to your account at the time when the funds are received by our bank account. 

Therefore, you may employ whatever method is better in your own situation.